PaperCut Print Logger

PaperCut Print Logger 1.10

Monitor and control our printer activity in real time
Generate and access real-time activity logs detailing all printer use. Work with such data as the name of the user who printed, the time print itself, the total number of pages, document names and titles, other job attributes such as paper size, colour mode, etc.

Currently, climatic change, water shortage, deforestation and other ecologic and economic concerns are making companies implement mechanisms to save paper, electricity and other resources. This tiny free program allows you to keep track of all the printings made in a given period of time. It monitors automatically your printer(s) activity and records all the pertinent data, such as date and hour of printing, user, name of the printed document, printer, client, and paper and file size. The program keeps daily and monthly logs, so you can keep track and create reports about the usage of your paper and printing resources. The program can show the printing logs in a HTML format, which can be opened using any of the popular Web browsers. This format also allows you to simply follow the links to open any of the reports. This can be done in two convenient ways. First, you can open the chosen report also in HTML, or in .XLS format, which means that you can open it using Microsoft Excel or other compatible worksheet program. This format allows you to share the information between different persons and departments in your company.

If you are satisfied with the program, but would like to have more features, there are two other pay-based, print managing programs, namely PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF available at the developer's site.

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